Dear Workshop Participants!

Here some important information for you participation at our workshop in Laos.

We have booked so far hotel rooms for all participants and are arranging visas on arrival. I will publish the hotel list as soon as it is definite. On the plane you should get a visa application form. When you arrive at the airport in Vientiane or Luang Prabang you will apply for a normal tourist visa on arrival at a cost of US$30 and you will need a photo.
For passport holders of some countries (e.g. Syria, Ghana, Ethiopia) a formal application in advance is required. We ask all participants with these nationalities to send us (if not done so far) a scan of the detail page of the passport you are going to use for the journey. Probably we will have to send you a scan of the authorization before you leave which you can print and hand in at immigration. The authorization will need to be issued for the day you arrive, so please give us the date of arrival, or at least the earliest date of arrival. However, these requirements are constantly changing an we will try to keep you informed.

We have not yet organized transport from the airport to your hotel and we will check as soon as we have more arrival dates if it is more convenient for you and us to organize the transport individually by taxi.

International ATM's to withdraw money with the common credit and some debit cards as well as money exchange shops are widely available in Luang Prabang. Please note that the exchange of bank notes may be refused if the notes are old and show clear signs of usage. If you are going to exchange money make sure you take new or almost new bank notes. The exchange of traveler cheques is also possible, but less convenient.

Just in case you face problems on arrival and want to contact us I will provide some mobile phone numbers here:

+856 20 2219446 Tassilo Tiemann (Regional Coordinator of CIAT Forages)
+856 20 55509863 Rod Lefroy (CIAT Regional Office Coordinator)
+856 20 2219449 Ms Douang (Secretary, organizing the visa arrangements)

We wish you save travels.